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Focused on treating and preventing breast cancer.

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Patient Navigators at Memorial Cancer Institute - South Florida

Bone Marrow Transplant

Personalized, high-quality treatment in facilities with an emphasis on prevention, early diagnosis and support services.

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Our patients and their families have a voice and they are our partners.You can make a difference.

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Real PeopleReal Stories

The Memorial Cancer Institute Experience


Dr. Nick Masi is a clinical psychologist. He’s the father of a cancer survivor. He’s a long-time employee of Memorial Healthcare System and the person responsible for introducing the whole system to the concept of patient- and family-centered care. And for five years, he’s been a cancer survivor, too.

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After fighting — and beating — stage IV melanoma, Maria couldn’t believe it when she was diagnosed with breast cancer several years later. Luckily, her digital mammogram at Memorial Women’s Imaging Center caught the cancer very early, at stage zero. And with the team at Memorial Breast Cancer Center on her side, Maria fought and won once again.

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When Karen was diagnosed with colon cancer, she was shocked and numb—but not for very long. She knew there was only one thing she could do: fight. She also knew she couldn’t fight her best battle alone, so she made it her mission to find the right team to be on her side.

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