Types of Cancer

Why Choose Us?

Breast Cancer: Now What?

  • If you’re worried you or a loved one may have breast cancer or be at increased risk of developing breast cancer
  • If you or someone you love has just been diagnosed with breast cancer
  • If you’re looking for a second opinion
  • If you’re at a time during breast cancer treatment when you’re exploring your next option

…you’ve come to the right place. Memorial Breast Cancer Program offers an interdisciplinary approach, which includes discussions with all of your specialists involved in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer BEFORE your treatment begins. We combine innovative treatment options; offer FDA approved clinical trials by an unparalleled team of experts to bring you from diagnosis to treatment and into survivorship.

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What to Expect

  • An environment designed exclusively for the treatment of breast cancer
  • Bilingual physician team, nationally recognized for their innovation and contribution to ongoing clinical research
  • Experienced staff with breast cancer expertise
  • Collaboration with a rehabilitation team to ensure recovery extends to wellness after treatment
  • Dedication and desire to provide superior, timely treatment with your goals and your family as the focus and priority
  • Diagnosis and treatment which are evidence based and compatible with your philosophy to take you into survivorship. Transition back to wellness will include all the resources needed and follow up care detailed to ensure entire spectrum of health is monitored

Why Choose Us for Breast Cancer Treatment?

At Memorial Breast Cancer Center, we concentrate all of our time and resources to comprehensive breast cancer care. This includes:

  • A Women’s Imaging Center where a team of radiologists who are exclusively dedicated to evaluating breast images and ensuring their scope of work is specific to breast cancer
  • Access to the latest advancements in care through clinical trials
  • A Weekly multidisciplinary breast cancer conference where new cases are reviewed by the team of expert physicians before any treatment is initiated
  • Lymphedema assessment and prevention strategies
  • Annual education events on evolving strategies in breast cancer and prevention
  • Breast Cancer rehabilitation
  • Survivorship care plans to share with your physician team and survivorship workshops to facilitate transition from treatment to wellness
  • An Image Recovery Center
  • Accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)
  • Member of the National Consortium of Breast Centers

Please call Memorial Cancer Institute to schedule an appointment: 954-265-4325, or email us.