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Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

Memorial Cancer Institute is on your side with access to the latest advances in breast cancer treatment. By participating in breast cancer clinical trials, you get the benefit of being on the forefront of breast cancer treatment technology, as well as access to the newest medications before they’re available to the general public.

Memorial’s Breast Cancer Center collaborates with researchers at UCLA, Mayo Clinic, City of Hope, Sara Cannon Research Institute and others to bring you access to the newest, most promising treatments.

Rather than sending you away from home to find the latest evolutions in cancer care—we bring them to you. For example, our Women’s Imaging Center’s selection as one of the first 16 sites in the country to participate in Tomosynthesis research meant we were the first in Florida to offer the most advanced breast cancer diagnostic tool.

For more information, talk with your breast cancer navigator or any member of your Memorial Cancer Institute breast cancer treatment team, or see our complete, updated listing of open clinical trials.

Please call Memorial Cancer Institute to schedule an appointment: 954-265-4325, or email us.