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Patient Stories: Maria

Guidance to Victory

After fighting — and beating — stage IV melanoma, Maria couldn’t believe it when she was diagnosed with breast cancer several years later. Luckily, her digital mammogram at Memorial Women’s Imaging Center caught the cancer very early, at stage zero. And with the team at Memorial Breast Cancer Center on her side, Maria fought and won once again.

She credits Memorial Cancer Institute’s doctors, nurses and staff with helping her beat breast cancer. Ana Botero, MD, radiation oncologist, and Phyllis Neimark, MD, medical director, integrative breast oncology program, were among the physicians who Maria said treated her with respect and expertise.

“I felt like I was in really good hands,” Maria said. “The doctors were straightforward and honest. They told me what they would do if it were them. And I just felt very comfortable with their guidance.”

Maria wasn’t just confident that she was receiving excellent care for her particular cancer, she also felt she was treated with warmth and compassion. Dr. Neimark answered all her questions honestly. And Dr. Botero checked with Maria after each treatment to make sure she wasn’t in pain.

“We really are a big family, all working together to offer the best treatment for our patients,” said Dr. Botero. “Maria has done remarkably well. The treatment is preventing the tumor recurrence and she had excellent cosmetic results.”

Maria did feel like she was with family. “I really felt like they were going to miss seeing me after my treatments,” she said. “I left with hugs.”

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